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Sun Bear conservation Center

You can now get close to the world's most smallest bear!

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre is located next to the

Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre

 So-called because of the golden bracelet of fur around their necks,

the sun bears' Rorschach-like pattern is never duplicated, varying as they do in colour

from cream to orange. At a maximum of 150cm and 60kg in weight,

they are are little larger than 'Paddington' and are the smallest of the world's bears.

Sun bears are found throughout Southeast Asia in eastern India, southern China, 

Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam and Borneo, usually at an altitude of around 2700m.


An average male sun bear needs at least 39 sq km of forest to find sufficient food.

They're excellent climbers, equipped with long claws to scale high trees in search of beehives.

As they'll rip a cavity in the trunk to get to their honey, they create a safe place for hornbills and other birds to nest at a later date. They also control the forest's destructive population of termites, as they are a critical part of the bears' diet.



The centre opens at 9.00am - 3.30pm

Admission Fee as below:

Adult: RM10 (Malaysian), RM50 (Non Malaysian)

Child Aged from 12-17: RM5 (Malaysian), RM25 (Non Malaysian)

*Complimentary for children below 12 years old.

Transfer can easily be arrange at the reception. 

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